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Who are we looking for and why?


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About Us

We are a unique international team with an aggressive start-up mentality focused on exceeding expectations at all levels of client service.

Our clients are the world’s most iconic and innovative brands. They partner with EYELEVEL to design, develop, and implement amazing retail stores, powerful in-store marketing campaigns, and innovative digital experiences.

We dare to create the WOW!

Why are we looking for you?

Over the past 14 years EYELEVEL has cultivated exceptional talents and built an unparalleled reputation with our clients. Now we are searching for the right Brand Marketing Director who will build on that foundation to:

  • Create a consistent EYELEVEL brand identity across all touch points
  • Develop a marketing strategy that clearly communicates our culture, vision, and value proposition
  • Achieve global brand recognition for EYELEVEL as the leading innovator in our industry, helping our clients connect their brands with consumers

Make our Employees proud

We have formulated our company values during our very first years of existence. Since then they have been at the core of everything we do. We believe in them and we live by them! Keeping them alive and cultivating them through engaging internal communication is a our top priority.


Help us attract the A-players

We believe our people are our greatest asset, and our company’s success is only limited by the capacity of our high performance teams. People come to EYELEVEL because we help them develop their talent to its full potential. The key aspect of your role will be partnering with the Human Resources team to create a strong employer brand, increase employee engagement, and improve talent acquisition.

Targeted social media campaigns will become the key component of our recruitment strategy for the upcoming years.

You should be an excellent communicator, planner, and team player as you will be in daily contact with our global leadership team.

We are looking for a global networker

This is a global position. Each region has its own specifics and we are looking for someone who will be able to understand and respect cultural differences, and tailor our messaging to achieve the greatest impact.

You will create your own network of copywriters, art directors, graphic designers, photographers and agencies in Europe, Asia, and The Americas. Time to roll up your sleeves and start your creative process.

A little bit about you

We are looking for a design and brand marketing expert. You must be really passionate about the job and have the grit and determination to re-define the potential of the EYELEVEL brand.

We are not just looking for an excellent project leader. We are looking for a truly creative mind. Someone who will be able to turn our vision into an effective marketing strategy, build great teams, and deliver the WOW.

If you have experience in leading a full creative team working on global marketing campaigns and brand development, we want to talk to you!

What can we offer?

It's simple. The EYELEVEL Experience.

Our global HQ is in Prague, but you will get a chance to spend time in all of our offices in Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America.

Pack your bags and get ready for the adventure!

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